Being a small business owner means a lot of things, but it certainly leads to one inevitable outcome—staying busy. Spearheading a company entails wearing a lot of hats, which requires deep problem solving, paying close attention to detail, and possessing a lot of patience. Among these hats, answering the phone is one of the most critical, yet also the most disruptive. In spite of how annoying a phone call might feel in the moment, every call has a ton of potential opportunity attached to it. If you are letting calls go, you are also running the risk of losing business leads.

It can be tricky trying to strike a perfect balance between productivity and customer service, which is why you should consider hiring a virtual receptionist. Virtual receptionists are your best defense against missing out on important client calls when you are too busy to answer. By hiring an external company, like our customer service specialists at US Answer, you will be enhancing communication and encouraging a greater reach. Listed below are the 5 most hidden benefits of hiring a virtual receptionist for your small company!

Virtual Receptionists Enhance Productivity

Without the full-time responsibility of having to answer client and prospective client calls, you and your team can concentrate on working on your company product. Having someone to answer all incoming calls, you and your entire team will be able to optimize your time and solely  focus on increasing efficiency. This kind of support will lead to a more organized work process, which will reduce overall stress and create a better work environment.

Virtual Receptionists Cut Costs

Hiring a full-time receptionist or customer service department can break your company bank. For most small businesses, having to pay for a full-time employee may not be the most feasible option. By hiring a virtual receptionist, you can control costs by selecting a monthly plan that fits into your budget. Our plans at US Answer are flexible, so depending on client volume you can choose to scale up or down based on your business’s needs.

Virtual Receptionists Help Build Client Trust

Always having a reliable representative answer all of your client calls will earn you a worthy  reputation. Prospective clients are always looking for advice, guidance, and information. If they call a number that will not pick up, they will instantly move on to direct competition. By having a virtual receptionist answer client inquiries, take messages, and provide informed next steps, your business will be represented in the best possible light, and customers will become loyal.

Virtual Receptionists Are Versatile

Our team of virtual receptionists at US Answer is filled with diverse and knowledgeable individuals ready to represent your business. By working closely with so many professional industries, our team is ready to provide support to companies of all shapes, backgrounds, and sizes. We will work with your company to properly learn the ins-and-outs of your services and products in effort to best represent it on all of your client calls.