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3 Ways a Virtual Office Can Benefit Your Business:


Starting a small business can be overwhelming to say the least, but there are small steps
you can take to make that transition easier and more cost efficient. One big problem that arises
for my fellow entrepreneurs is biting the bullet and finding that perfect office space. It’s not as
easy as it sounds, it can make or break a company.

Instead of postponing your start-up, take into consideration a virtual office. There are
many more reasons to look into virtual offices, but here are three benefits to starting your
business in the clouds.

1. Be local. You are able to get a local designated telephone number that coincides with
a local fax number. When growing a small business, it’s important to reach out to the
community. Local consumers are more apt to trust and choose a local number than

2. You will have a live professional receptionist to answer for you in a timely, courteous,
and respectable manner. This is going to be the second thing potential clients notice
about your company after dialing that local telephone number.

3. Have a corporate mailing address with a conference room or an office at your disposal
to meet with that client who’s been wanting to meet you and use your service.
Depending on the business, customers want the security of meeting the person they
are hiring. Having a commercialized business address is crucial when building
business credibility.

Going virtual for small businesses is growing rapidly; so much that owners are deciding
to keep their virtual offices so they can designate more time to perfecting growing their company.On average you can save roughly $8,500 per year on an office and $30,000 for a 9-5p full time receptionist.

2015 was the year you realized it’s time to open that business you’ve had on the
back burner; don’t let 2016 pass you by. The future front desk of your small business is waiting for you at USAnswer. Contact our virtual office at 1-855-254-0040 to help you make your dream
a reality

By: Carley Hammond