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3 Ways a Virtual Office Can Benefit Your Business

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How Can a Telephone Answering Service Benefit Me
  1. What every small business needs is a reputable image and as they say, you never get a second chance to make a 1st impression. The purpose of a quality virtual Office/ virtual receptionist is front & center in this effort. What you should look for in a quality, virtual office/ virtual receptionist/ virtual Assistant is, for one thing, how robust and advanced the system said Virtual office uses, so as to give the impression that said virtual receptionist is actually the personal full-time receptionist in your office down the hall. Robust in that a detailed profile is built for you that flashes up on the virtual receptionist’s computer screen when calls come in for you. Said profile may have as much or as little information that you, the client wants the virtual receptionist to relay to callers. Links to your website may also be installed on the profile page to provide the virtual receptionist with further information to relay. Then of course you want to make sure the receptionists are up-beat and professional and that they can transfer/ service/ schedule and/or message the call.
  1. The cost savings of a virtual office/ virtual receptionist compared to that of a traditional front office is nothing short of staggering. When you consider what you would pay for a 9-5 physical office, with rent, payroll, utilities, services, equipment, insurance, supplies etc., you’re well into the thousands. A quality virtual office from 8a to 8p starts at $89/ month. Granted, a physical office is great but with savings like this and the professional bigger- than-you-are image it gives you, it makes you wonder what you really need and what you really don’t. If a meeting place is needed, there are plenty of slick professional office/ conference room rentals around the country that rent by the hour or a month. When you think about it, a virtual office makes good sense.
  1. Your virtual office and your virtual receptionist are anywhere you are. Say your name is John Smith and you own ABC Construction out of Dallas Texas. USAnswer, your virtual office is actually located in Portland Maine. You take a break with your family to go skiing in Colorado. You stop for lunch and a beer. You send a message from your phone to said virtual office, that you would be available for calls for about an hour. Meanwhile a call comes in for you. 

Example Script:

Virtual receptionist: “Hi thank you for calling ABC Construction. No job is too big or small, this is Jackie, may I help you”. 

Caller: “Yes, my name is Bob Jones and I was wondering if you folks do metal buildings?” 

Virtual Receptionist: “Let me get you that information, hold on a moment please. Then clicking on the link to ABC Construction’s website and then on “Building Materials” she sees the metal building tab and clicks onto it: “Yes, we sure do. Guaranteed for 30 years and come in red, blue, green, silver & black.” Meanwhile the virtual receptionist sees your message about being available for an hour and goes back to the caller: “Mr. Smith, the owner, is in his office right now and can go over it in much more detail if you would like to speak with him?” 

Caller: “That sounds great. I will. Thank you.” The virtual receptionist then puts the caller on hold, clicks onto your cell phone link and you see the USAnswer phone number on your caller ID and answer:

 “Hi, John Smith”. 

Virtual receptionist: “Good Morning Mr. Smith, it’s Jackie from USAnswer, I have a Bob Jones on the line. He’s interested in a metal building and would like to speak with you about it. Would you like me to patch the call through?” 

You: “That sounds great Jackie. Please do. Thank you”. 

She goes back to the caller: “Mr. Smith would be delighted to talk with you. Here he is…” She patches the call through to you and as far as the caller knows, you’re in your “office”.

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