Grow Your Business with USAnswer’s Dedicated Live Answering Service

USAnswer is a small business answering service for solopreneurs and Small Businesses, based in Portland, Maine. We pride ourselves on being a professional small business answering service. 

We use premier cloud-based live answering, forwarding, scheduling service software. Which allows small business solopreneurs, from all walks of life, to focus on getting their work instead of worrying about their phone.

 We present ourselves as Your Personal Receptionist. We will answer your phone calls professionally and warmly, with the intent of giving your callers the impression that we’re all in the same office, intimately involved with your business.

We are the answering service for small businesses, open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are always here for you.






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And Many More!

Customer review

USAnswer helped me grow my business. I cannot tell you how great it was knowing that I had a professional company handling my phone calls so I could work. Not more than a few times, clients or potential clients commented on the courteous service they received. So not only does having such an answering service free up your time, it can improve your company’s image.
Thank you USAnswer for everything!
James Wade, Esq.
Owner, Law Office of James D. Wade

Being a solopreneur and small business owner, you know your business requires tons of personal attention, leaving you little left over for family, or even answering the phone. But the right response to that phone call can make the difference between landing a new client and crickets.

As a live answering service provider based in Maine, we tailor responses specifically for solopreneurs and small businesses. This allows your prospective clients to feel valued without you having to constantly be on the phone. Who wouldn’t want to have all the benefits of a receptionist without the extra cost?

Give yourself more time for your clients and family while growing your business. Stay in your zone of genius by delegating the tasks that take you away from it. After all, our services are personalized to you. You decide when you can take calls and when you can’t.

In addition, each call is timed to the second – we never round to the nearest minute. In other words, 59 seconds is 59 seconds, so you’re never charged extra.

Your Live Answering Service Solution.

We can all agree that calling a business can be stressful, especially if we aren’t sure we’ll actually get a human on the line. 

No one wants to be greeted by a robot or talk with someone who has no connection to the business being called. You want to speak to a person who works for the company. Better yet, a live receptionist who knows about the company you’re calling. 

This is where we, at USAnswer, come in. We will tailor a system that’s right for you.

We Bring the Difference

We have Maine-based professional staff, trained and skilled, as our receptionists. They take our live answering services to the next level. 

Each receptionist is hired for their skills but also for their warm personality and professionalism. No matter what business you have, our staff will have an ease of knowledge and comfort with the subject matter. Our call answering services will have the caller believing we are in your office.

Meanwhile, our clients are located all over the country, so you can do what you do best: help your clients.

Visit our How it Works page to get a better understanding of why having a  virtual receptionist is a smart business decision.